Ultradynamico – ROSÉ 650b Tires


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The ROSÉ is Ultradynamico’s most popular tire, it’s also Ultradynamico’s only tire… perhaps it should be your only tire too? Well, until their second tire is released.  

-Handles both pavement and dirt like a skilled musician handles a Stradivarius  

-Race compound for superior grip in all conditions 

-Luxurious high TPI mystery casing sourced from a Moroccan street bazaar which may vary in hue

-Zero sidewall protection for pure speed- get AAA if you plan on loaded touring with these over rugged terrain

-Exotic file undertread revealed after ~1000k of use (unlike you, this tire gets faster with age)

-Tubeless compatible

-Continuous center tread for optimal propulsion  

-Aeronautically designed delta knob pattern for superior braking traction during gravel re-entry 

-650B x 47.99




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