Riding on Bikes with Friends

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Easter long weekend saw the finest Australian crew embark on a Kook Exchange worthy expedition onto the tabletop of Australia.

Marcel and I drove through night; leaving Sydney at 11.30pm with a 6-hour hour drive ahead of us with bikes-galore in our Crust van. Hauling buckets of coffee into our gobs stopping at the iconic Pheasants Nest roadside pitstop. We made it to the starting point of the Omafiets organised route come 6.30am.

Denison’s camping ground – an un-signposted gem off the snowy mountains highway – littered with Kangaroos and if you ask Bart a few other variations of a Kangaroo, for all intensive purposes, however, they are Kangaroos.

Marcel and I squeezed our fatigued bodies in amongst the bikes in the van and slept for 3 hours before a crowd gathered for instructions and introductions.

The following 3 days were filled with dumb kookery, riding in perfect weather through the alpine terrain of the Jagungal Wilderness – made famous for the bike packing activities by Hunt Bikes Hunt1000. It was sunburns, nips of tequila with a slice of lemon at the camp bar (marcels and I’s Big Agnes tent) allllll Easter long-weekend.

When you get your crew together and are riding remember that you are living your best life. Oprah would approve. Enjoy the gallery!

Next week on the Crust Australia Blog….. Taylor senses that Ridge is hurting over what he has done to Brooke. Meanwhile, Macy tells a shocked Thorne that while she will always love him. Rick is shocked to hear Amber confess that their baby had died at birth and that she had taken Becky’s child to pass off as theirs.

Will Rick and Taylor ride off into the sunset together?




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