A Night at Rapha

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A week after we got back from the US we had been invited to pop into Rapha for a talk on Crust Bikes and biking in the wilderness; the what’s, the how’s, the why’s. I suppose it coincided with their new cargo bibs, designed with more adventure in mind. We had a week to prepare for an audience of roadies. It turned out that no one from Rapha really came. Perhaps we went too Kook? It is hard to rebrand with something that has been so staunchly road and tech-based. Basically, we told them to throw everything they owned out, buy a mumu and jump on a scraper bike or a Crust (both are fun) and get lost. Leave the Strava behind, unwind, get drunk and roll in the dirt.

We created a powerful powerpoint presentation which blew everyone away. I have included a sample slide below. We intended to live stream the event on Instagram however we forgot. Soz

They asked us back later in the year…so we couldn’t of offended too hard.

Here are some photos of the night thanks to Bob Barrett. Who that weekend came on a trip to the Australian wilderness totally unprepared and learnt a few lessons first hand and I think has a new Crust bike in mind. Converting one Raphaite at a time.

Find Bob here


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